St Thomas More Open Evening, Wednesday 25th September 6 - 8pm

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Music Group Perform at Taddington

St Thomas More’s Year 10 Music GCSE group perform for the children in the village of Taddington and Priestcliffe .........................

                        Performing for Primary

On Tuesday 10th of June our Year 10 Music GCSE group had a blast to the past, well I did anyway. We travelled to my old primary school in the small village of Taddington and Priestcliffe to perform for the children and display the talents of the St Thomas More’s music department. Along with Ewan Kilpatrick wowing the students on his Violin and Hannah Jones dutifully accompanying our ensemble pieces on the Piano, we had an incredible variety of instruments from all sections of the orchestra such as Greg Hall on the Double Bass, Thomas McKee on the Drums, Izzi Townsend on Clarinet and Evie Ferguson on the Trombone! Aside the variety of instruments, our music group contains some gifted musicians who are actually multi-talented, one of whom is Helen, who, as well as playing the Clarinet alongside Izzi in our ensemble numbers, produced a spectacular rendition on the Piano of the well-known piece ‘I Giorni’ by Ludovico Einaudi. Another is Thomas who parted from his Drum kit and gave the children a very musically adept performance on the rarely seen instrument of the Bassoon.

With most children and even many teenagers, the Disney film Frozen has been a massive success so when vocalists Gina Gill and Emily Jennings were joined by Evie, another multi-talented student who provided a wonderful piano accompaniment along with other members of the group and they performed the thriving hit ‘Let it Go’ (originally performed by Idina Menzel) it was naturally adored by all of the students. A main component of our school’s music department is the fact that male singers are very much encouraged to progress and develop their ability as much as possible as they seem to be an unfortunate rarity in our generation. However, we are lucky enough to have more than one talented male singer in the midst of our GCSE group this year and the students were treated to two phenomenal performances, one from Will Cruddace from 10B and the other from Kieran Connell of 10C. 

Thank you to everyone who performed and took the time out of exam preparation to prepare pieces especially for our visit and also thanks to Mrs. Gray for giving us and the children this wonderfully fulfilling opportunity. We hope both the students and the staff of Taddington enjoyed our musical presentation and I know that some of the students were inspired by Daniel Hamill, Tom Hayes and Greg Hall to learn the guitar or bass guitar. As that was the intention of our visit, I believe that it was thoroughly successful and we all had a very enjoyable experience.

By Ellie Taylor   10F


More photos in our music gallery here :-  http://www.st-thomasmore.derbyshire.sch.uk/gallery/?pid=84&gcatid=11

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