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Katie wins Buxton Poetry Competition

Katie Marrow in year nine wins  Buxton Poetry Competition 2014 (Youth category 12-17 years).  read more .................

Many congratulations to Katie Marrow in year nine who has won Buxton Poetry Competition 2014 (Youth category 12-17 years).

The theme this year was ‘The Natural World’ and Katie wrote a poem called ‘River’ about Lathkill Dale. Lady Jasmine Cavendish will present Katie and the winners of the other two categories at a special reception held at Buxton Museum on July 8th.



Dancing, chattering over smooth, weed draped rocks

It leaps, glittering down each small waterfall.

Leaves, floating like small brown boats, slips past, tumbling

Dappled shadows, light, shade, light, shade, under the leafy arms of the trees.

Shafts of sun pierce the fluid curtain,

A flash of silver scales, flickering away through the emerald water weed

Moorhens squabble, bright beaks pointing with purpose.

In the bank, dark secretive holes- a water vole’s haunt?

Trees slide past; willows bend their fingers down to the water.

A rock, standing sentinel in the current, parts the water like scissors through silk.

Atop it, smart in shiny dark brown coat,

With clean white bib like linen on a washing line,

Dipper dances, bobbing up and down to the music of the river. 

St Thomas More Catholic School, Palace Fields, Buxton, SK17 6AF

Icon01298 23167