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The Kids Lit Quiz 2014

“We have to go!” It was Mark telling me it was time to go for the Kids’ Lit Quiz. I checked my watch.....................




It had begun to rain. I watched in boredom, as the small beads of water ran down the window, each following a path of their own. I was rudely jerked out of my reverie by my name being called out, along with two clicking fingers intruding into my field of vision.    

“We have to go!” It was Mark telling me it was time to go for the Kids’ Lit Quiz. I checked my watch. “Calm down, its ten to!” he groaned, repeatedly muttering about my lax attitude. “Fine!” I caved, grabbed my stuff and headed out; waving to Miss Berry to tell her we had to go. I grumbled all the way down-“We were burning stuff - you know I like using the bunsens!” Eventually though, we reached reception: and no one was there. “See! Too early.”

Just then, the double doors crashed open, and Fiona burst through. She grinned at me, said ‘hey’, and promptly fell over her bag.


When we had all signed out, (and remembered our lunches) we piled into Mrs Clifford’s Ford Fiesta. “Shotgun!” I yelled triumphantly, but my joy was short-lived. “Fiona gets car sick…” Miss explained, and to smug grins from Toomey and Hall, I had to plonk my stuff in the back seat.

The car journey was fun - luckily Fiona was fine – and we enjoyed reading out our old childhood favourite stories in the back of the car. We soon arrived at Lady Manners. Inside, it was big and bustly. Eventually though, our little posse found the library and greeted the other team. We all chatted together as we headed for the mini bus. I trudged through the rain, dumped down my stuff at the nearest free seat, and got comfy. My spirits where immediately raised however, as I was offered an Oreo. I chatted with Fiona and listened to my iPod, until finally, we arrived at Ecclesbourne School.

            We were met by a few escorts, who kindly showed us to our seats in the main hall. We excitedly looked around, doing some last minute revision with Mrs Clifford, and, in my case, singing Bohemian Rhapsody. We waited for the other teams to arrive, eyeing them up and psyching them out. (Not really - we pretty much just hid from them, or pretended to look clever…)

             A very nice woman came round, and told us to look at our rounds and pick a joker. This would double the points we scored in that round. We decided on ‘Book Knowledge’, and told the adjudicator. Finally, we were ready to begin.

            The first round was on Adventure, and we did very well; 8.5 out of 10! Highfields came top with 9, and so they won a book each. Next was Book Knowledge, followed by Comics, Amphibians, and so on… each time a team won a round, they got a book each, related to the round subject.

            On our joker round we scored 8! That boosted us up to 2nd place, where we remained for the majority of the quiz.

Probably our only regret was not putting our joker on the Christmas round (where we came top with full marks) which would have won us the quiz! We did, however, win books about WW1, the prizes for that round. There were also chances to win some money - £2! All you had to do was answer the questions that Wayne Mills would read out after each round. I answered correctly a question about J.K Rowling and asked Mrs Clifford to split it into 4x50ps – but Mrs Clifford said we could have a pound each – and paid the extra two from her own purse!

            We happily piled back into the coach and set off again, singing along to the radio on the way! We chatted, and read, until it was time to get off and go home.

All in all it was a great day out, and we are pleased with our result 78.5 just 2.5 points away from the top spot! It is a shame that we are too old to go again (it is only for Y7 and 8 pupils); but I am looking forward to the Derbyshire quiz in June.

Caitlin MacNamara 8C

St Thomas More Catholic School, Palace Fields, Buxton, SK17 6AF

Icon01298 23167