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Chaplaincy Page



Chris Fitzgerald – The High Peak Chaplain

Hi, I’m Christian, (or Chris if you’re in a hurry) and I’m the Lay Chaplain here at St Thomas More School. I also serve as Chaplain to 3 of our local primary schools – St Annes in Buxton, St Marys in New Mills & St Marys in Marple Bridge.

Some fun facts about me, I’m a big football fan and staunch supporter of Sheffield Wednesday #wawaw. I love all things marvel, and I am quite fond of a nice pasty.

My job here at St Thomas More is to look after our Catholic identity and Ethos. Its my job to co-ordinate the Prayer life of the school, organising our Liturgies, Mass and assisting students with their own Collective Worships.

I’m also here to look after all the staff and students.  Sometimes we have lots of big questions but not really any answers. I’m on hand to help talk through problems and hopefully find a solution together. Sometimes through prayer, sometimes through a chat, I’m here to offer both. My Office is under the chapel at the front of school and I’m always up for a chat and natter about anything on your mind. From questions about faith, things you’re struggling with, right the way to your favourite takeaway.

My motto is ‘I don’t deal in doctrine, I deal in relationship’.

Sometimes getting in touch with our faith starts with a random conversation, and I’m a big advocate for finding faith in the most unlikely places. Feel free to come and visit my office at break and lunch time. I love pausing for a moment of encounter with whoever is at my door, and I love a good chin-wag.

God Bless


St Thomas More Chaplaincy Team



 At St Thomas More this year, each year group has their own Chaplaincy team. These 4 teams are co-ordinated by our Senior Chaplains. 5 Y11’s who have agreed to lead our school in prayer, worship and Christian values. Each member has their own role in bringing the wider chaplaincy mission to all aspects of the school:


Will – Chaplaincy Captain

Bella – Vice Captain and Chapel Co-Ordinator

Araminta – Charity Officer

Luke – Media Officer

Anthony – Community Officer


We look forward to seeing what this great team of young people will come up with as we aspire to #BeMore this year.

Giving Back @ St Thomas More

CAFOD Family Fast Day took place on the 9th October, and the staff and students of St Thomas More responded to the plea for help and for change.

CAFOD have been focusing this year on the theme: ‘The World We Want’. Looking at all the good that’s come out of the last year and seeing how we can bring that into the world. Our KS3 students took part in the CAFOD Assembly and from that have made pledge cards to change the world. Everything from ‘smiling at other people to spread joy’ to ‘using a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled drink from the shop for school’.

On the 9th of October the whole school also gave £1 to come to school in non-uniform and also fasted from any dessert snacks in the canteen, allowing us to reflect on what we have and what others don’t. We understand this is only a little thing and there is so much more to do, but it takes a single drop in the ocean to make a wave.

Thankyou to all the parents, carers and staff who helped contribute to this first of our ‘giving back’ this academic Year.

‘God has created me to do him some definite service’

St John Henry Newman

The Upper Room @ St Thomas More

In July 2020, Fr Gerry Murphy celebrated Mass to commemorate the end of the school year and the opening of our new upper room chapel!

The Chapel is currently still under construction with a new projector and sound system to be installed and some new artwork and a Stations of the cross set on the way as well. We hope to soon be holding Student and staff focused activities in the chapel weekly! So, stay tuned for more information!

St Thomas More Catholic School, Palace Fields, Buxton, SK17 6AF

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