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Wider Opening Of School - Year 10

Below is some general information you should have received.

You will have received a personal letter indicating which group and bubble you are in and which day you are invited to attend school:

Following on from the government’s instruction that schools can now open for some face to face time with year 10s, I would like to invite you back into school.

As stipulated in the government guidance, we will be asking 25% of the cohort to return to school, in turn. As a result, the year group has been split roughly into quarters (between 22 and 24 children in each quarter) Each group of pupils will be invited in on a specific day. Group 1 will be invited in on Monday, Group 2 Tuesday, Group 3 will be invited on Thursday, Group 4 will be invited back in on Friday. Each Group will be split into 2 bubbles of between 11 and 12 pupils. Bubble A will spend the day in the History/Geography Block and Bubble B will spend the day in the Chemistry lab.

There will be a one-way system operating around school. A live ZOOM tour of the school took place on Friday 12th June with question and answer session afterwards. If you were unable to attend, please see map and photos below.


You will see that Bubble A is coloured Red, Bubble B is in yellow. Each bubble will have a different entrance and exit, different toilets and different allocated places outside. The green areas are for the children of key workers who have been coming in during the school’s closure. They will start and end the day at a different time to year 10s. They will also have a different break and lunchtime. Students will sit in the same work station every time they visit and named equipment will be distributed and collected each day a student is in to avoid the sharing of resources. School for year 10s on site will start at 9.15 and end at 2.50.

Whilst in school, pupils will concentrate on the core subjects. The idea will be that pupils in school on a particular day will cover the same work as those at home on those days. Pupils who are not due in on a particular day will be asked to follow their ‘normal’ timetable on showmyhomework but you might find that you have a core subject on a day when you wouldn’t normally have one, and work for these subjects will not be set on Wednesdays.

The canteen will be open but you may wish to bring in your own packed lunch. Students on free school meals will be catered for.

Entrance and exit for Orange Bubble - Art Room Stairs
One way down the English corridor for the Orange Bubble
Route for Orange Bubble up the stairs to the Science Lab
Route for Orange Bubble - one way along the science corridor
Orange Bubble classroom - 1 person per bench - 12 stations maximum
Orange Route out of the classroom - no entry back along the science corridor. One way down the stairs. 
Orange route - either down the English corridor or exit out of the art stairs fire door. 
Route for the Red Bubble after lunch
Through the Tech room to go back to the Red Bubble classroom
Entrance and Exit for the Red Bubble - via the Drama Studio
Red Bubble classroom - 15 stations max
One way Red Bubble route to canteen
All 3 Bubbles will follow the blue route but at different times
one way route through the canteen. The year 10 Bubbles will have a different lunchtime to the Key Worker Bubble(s). Y10 Bubbles will have different sittings - Red first, Orange Second.


Frequently Asked Questions

(If your question/answer isn't here, please contact school and we will try our best to answer any concerns. We may then add it to this list. The main priority is, please do not worry!)

Will I have to wear my school uniform?

No. The important thing is that you wear something that is comfortable and that can be easily washed when you get home. Please be sensible about what you wear - no cropped tops or open toed sandals - and think of the weather. We have had snow in May before and the rooms you will be in will have windows and doors open during the day.

Do I have to wear a face mask or face covering?

No. However, if you are coming in  on public transport either by train or bus, from the 15th June, you will be required to wear a face covering. You are welcome to wear a face covering around the school building, on the way to and from school, but you will not be permitted to wear it once in the lessons. The issue the government and scientist have with youngsters wearing face coverings is that they worry it will encourage people to touch their faces more frequently and also, it concentrates the germs/virus onto the cloth. If you wear a face covering, you MUST wash your hands anytime you touch it. If it is a disposable face mask, there will be specific PPE only bins where they can be disposed of. If it is a reusable face covering, they will be placed into a bowl which every table will have. 

What will happen if someone shows symptoms of COVID?

The ANNEX has been allocated out of bounds and will be used to house pupils and staff who show symptoms of the virus until they are able to be transported home safely. First Aiders with special personal protective equipment will be able to look after and support anyone who finds themselves in this position during this time.

What about toilets?

Each bubble will have their own toilet - these are shown on the map. The Green group will use the sports hall toilets

What about security of the site?

The front gate will be closed during breaks and lunchtime and the barrier will be down so that people will not be able to drive freely onto the site. The orange bubble will use the front car park during their break and lunchtime. CCTV will also be in operation throughout the day, every day.

What would happen in the event of a fire or we had to evacuate the building?

There will be fire drills each day of the first week to show students where they are to congregate. The red bubble will congregate near the prefect common room; the orange bubble will congregate on the front car park; the green group will congregate in the main playground in front of the sports hall. Each group will use the exit identified on the map.

What equipment do I need to bring in with me?

Make sure that you bring any exercise books that you have for the lessons specified. Every year 10 student will be given their own equipment pack with pens, pencils, ruler,calculator etc to ensure that there is no sharing of equipment. At the end of the day, each named pack will be stored until the following week when the same person will receive the same pack. 

What about lunch?

The canteen will be open and will cater for the pupils in school. When you register in the morning, you will be asked what you would like to do for lunch - you may wish to bring in your own packed lunch, that is fine. If you wish to have a hot meal and a sandwich from the canteen, we will be able to let them know. A small selection of snacks will be available at break - the orange bubble will be able to go to the canteen to purchase it there, the red bubble will have a small trolley of snacks brought to the block for them to purchase them. The green group will have a different break and will be able also go to the canteen. Please ensure that you have money on your account via parent pay. The machine for putting money onto the account on site will not be in operation but you will be able to check your balance with the ladies in the canteen. You will not be required to touch anything. Pupils on free school meals will be catered for.

When at break times outside, within our group does social distancing still need to be implemented (staying 2m apart)? 

Yes. Also on the way to and from school it will be important that everyone sticks to the rules about social distancing.

Are we allowed to bring a water bottle in to use? 

Yes that will be fine. We will make jugs available for you to fill up the bottle. I ask that you wash your hands before and after filling it though please. There will also be plastic cups for pupils to use. The water fountains will be turned off.

Watch - might be a silly question but are we still allowed to wear a watch? 

Yes that's fine. Make sure that you are able to wash/clean around your wrist though.

At the front of the classroom where teachers are - will there be a 'squared off' where the teachers desk is?

There won't be anything squared off as such but the teacher will make sure that they are adhering to the 2 metre rule.

Wednesdays - Mr Kelly has announced that he and Mr Walsh will be hosting a geography drop in ZOOM session kind of thing for information on the work for that week. Do you think other subjects will too? 

Other staff are already hosting ZOOM lessons and this will grow as we move forward. 


St Thomas More Catholic School, Palace Fields, Buxton, SK17 6AF

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